"Rich is a great landlord and even though this was my first apartment I could not have had a better landlord experience. I lived in the apartment for 6 years and throughout all of that time my rent never fluctuated. I heard horror stories from my coworkers that their rent went up at least once a year, mine never changes (which I was very thankful for.) If i ever had an issue with my apartment Rich and the maintenance men were always on top of it and never let things go for long periods of time without being addressed. No apartment is perfect, especially if an old home that's been divided into units, but if a neighbor was too loud in the middle of the night and I could hear them through the walls , it was always handled ASAP. Can we talk about the fact that Hudson Falls Rentals accepts dogs? it was soo hard for me to find a place that would accept my 70 pound lab mix; Rich accepted him after just meeting him for 20 minutes. No matter what the issue was it was always handled in a timely manner and dogs are accepted?!?! I would recommend Hudson Falls Rentals to anyone. "
Courtney Greenwood
4 Mechanic St #5, 2016 - 2022
"Thank you for the many years of being there and your kindness.  Thanks Bill and Steve for all you help."
Forrest Hall
22 Pine St C, 10 years so far!
"My fiancé and I have lived here for about a year now , and I must say our landlord Rich has been absolutely amazing.  He has been very prompt in servicing any of our needs.  He has been the best landlord we have ever had, bar none. The staff has always been friendly and personable."
Corey and Jackie
2 Mechanic - Unit 1
"I want to thank you for giving me the apartment.  I was new from Calgary Canada and just knew you from email you trusted me and rented the apartment to me.  We only corresponded via email and phone didn’t even meet. This goes to show there are very nice people in the world. As a starter apartment for just me single person it worked out very well.  The library is nearby close to washing /drying place bus stop is just at the door. I found Billy and you very good landlord and helping me for any time i forgot keys or needed any repair to be done at apartment. When i asked for Landlord reference you at once agreed i really appreciate your help." With regards,
239 Main St. - Unit 3
"Thank you for being a thoughtful and considerate landlord. I appreciate you looking into all my requests within a matter of hours and days. If there is anything you need me to do just email or call and let me know. Thanks."
2 Mechanic St Apartment #2, from May 2015 – November 2016 then bought her own home.
"I always felt that the landlord strives to make the apartment house clean and appealing, having made several improvements during my time there.  The other tenants who shared the house were pleasant and respectful which speaks to the screening process.  I never felt that any issue would be an in convenience and would be promptly taken care if brought to attention."
7 Mechanic - Unit 3, 1 year
"My husband and I really enjoyed living in one of Rich’s apartments. Rich was always very responsive if we needed him and worked hard to make sure we were happy while living in our apartment. The apartment and the grounds were well-maintained all year round. It felt like our very own little tree house and the neighbors were quiet and kind. Best of luck finding a new tenant for the space and thanks for being a great landlord!  Overall, we highly recommend renting one of Rich’s apartments!" Thanks so much, Rich. We really enjoyed living there.
- Adah and Oliver
22 Pine St, 28 Months
"I just want to let everyone know. Whoever rents from Rich Citro. It would be the best decsion you could make. He is a great landlord! If something needs to be repaired he is right there to fix the problem. He is also very understanding and treats people with respect. His apartments are well kept. You don't find a lot of landlords like him. We hate to leave, but we are moving closer to family."
- Jody and Anna Clark
7 Mechanic St
"Love my apartment. Good landlord and maintenance crew…."
Steven Fisher
23 Elm C and 2 Mechanic St.
"I rented from Rich for 7 years and have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience. Always extremely understanding, helpful and accomodating. Any issues or concerns that arose were met with a swift response. Rich genuinely cares for his tenants and is more than fair; he is gracious and generous. The surrounding tenants were like family to me. Its not always easy stumbling upon a landlord like Rich, but I'm sure glad I did!"
Sid Gordon
23 Elm St. Annex
"I was very pleased with my renting experience. Rich is very fair and straightforward throughout the rental process. The apartment was very clean and in great condition when I moved in. After living there for over a year I only had one maintenance request, which was taken care of immediately. Rich and his team continue to provide a great service in keeping well maintained housing for renters in Hudson Falls."
Tom Walkup
63 Oak St Unit 2
"Thank you so much for our amazing home and making our landlord experience so easy. "
"Rich rented me out an apartment, my first one; and I absolutely loved the inside. Everything was beautiful! However being on the first floor and being by myself as a young women I didn’t feel safe and was struggling to feel comfortable in my own home. I reached out to Rich and he allowed to move out before my 90 day mark and I still received my full deposit back. Both him and his maintenance man are wonderful and helpful people. I highly recommend renting from Rich if you’re looking for an apartment in Hudson Falls!"
Kathryn Molisani
2 Mechanic St. Unit 1

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